Jun 22, 2013

Happy Summer Flowers

Hello everyone! ^_^

My first post on this blog, almost a year ago, was about a summer manicure with flowers. Since my blog's anniversary will be in 5 days (OMG, already???) , I decided to paint something bright, colorful , which would fit into the same theme - flowers! :D

Also, another thing that inspired me was this contest I found on a fellow Romanian blogger, Miss Happy - Madalina's blog. The theme is "Summer". If you're from Romania and you love painting your nails, you still have time to enter! :D

Ok, enough talking for now, here are some more pictures:

The colors I used are blue, pink and green. I decided it was time to get my neon nail polishes out of the box and do something a bit more funky. What do you think of what came out on my nails? :D

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Miss Happy said...

Ti-a iesit super modelul. Imi place mult de tot, ca este colorat. Iti multumesc ca ai mentionat de concurs si mai ales de blog. :* Iti spun La multi ani pt blog de pe acum :D

Sophiesticat said...

Multumesc tare mult pentru apreciere si urare! :D

AlexantzA said...

Imi place foarte, foarte mult manichiura ta! :D
Succes la concurs!

Anca said...

Este un model asa de frumos si dralas :*

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