Jun 5, 2013

Magnetic Nails - Tutorial

Hello! ^_^
Yesterday I bought two Magnetic Nail polishes and when I got home I realized I had no idea how to use them correctly (heh, I should have asked for a flyer with instructions but I was too euphoric). So, I browsed the internet a bit and I found a few good tutorials like this one and this one but I was not completely satisfied with what turned out on my nails so I decided to make my own tutorial for you and add a few tips of my own.

And now I'll explain the steps...

1. Make sure your nails are clean and dry and have no polish residues or products on them.

2. Add a base coat to protect your nails from being colored by the nail polish - apparently these Metallic nail polishes are rich in pigment and can color your nails, damaging them (personal experience).
Wait for the base coat to dry (approximately 10-20 seconds depending on what base coat you've used and how thick the layer was).

3. Apply one thin coat of the desired Magnetic nail polish ( I used Cairuo nr. 10) and wait for it to dry as well. (again, 10-20 seconds should be enough).
This step is important because it will determine the depth of the stripes and the final colors.

4. Apply the second, thicker, layer of Magnetic nail polish and, as quick as you can, put the magnet in front of the nail.

5-6. Hold the magnet as close to the nail as possible but avoid them touching (the nail and the magnet). If they touch, the nail polish will be transferred to the magnet and you'll have to redo the whole manicure (plus clean the magnet :P ).
This should take about a minute. You may see the lines forming earlier than in one minute, but they will not be as visible after you remove the magnet.
Also, try not to move the finger or the magnet too much because that will cause the metallic parts from the nail polish to be attracted in different sides and the lines will not come out as they should. (again, personal experience)

7. This is how your nail should look after one minute. The stripes are well demarcated from the rest of the nail polish.

8. Wait for the nail polish to dry up completely and apply a top coat to help preserve the manicure and make the nail polish look brighter.

9. Repeat the steps from 1 to 8 on each nail and - voila! - your Magnetic manicure is done! :D

Here are a few more photos of my manicure:

I hope this was useful!
Bye bye! ^_^

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Anca said...

He am fix aceeasi oja ca tine :) doar ca de muuult nu le-am folosit pe cele magnetice

Sophiesticat said...

Eu abia leam luat si sunt inca in faza de "woooow" :))

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