Jun 8, 2014


Hello everyone!!! :D

This is a different post from what you're all used to.
Me and Laula decided to join a collaboration that is meant to raise awareness regarding texting and driving at the same time, this being on of the main causes of accidents on the road. The idea belongs to Beauty Shoes Nails & Fun and many other bloggers or nail art addicts have joined in.

Official details:

"The red thumb acts as a stop sign when we grab our phones.. it reminds us to STOP ... WE'RE DRIVING!!!!! The idea is for the red to stand out, so please do a regular NOT-RED mani and paint your thumb RED, if not both, do your dominant hand, the one you'll grab your phone with, nail art absolutely acceptable."

More details

Our entry! ^_^

Other participants! :D

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Beauty-Shoes-Nails-Fun said...

This is great!! thanks soo much for joining! <3

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