Jul 19, 2014

Alphabet nail art challenge - Letter L for... ladylike & love

The letter "L" made me think of "love" at the beginning of the challenge, then, after some time, the word "lace" came to my mind - something more original, I thought - but this week I felt really in love (blame it on my boyfriend) and feminine (...) so I decided to do a ladylike manicure, inspired by the idea of love (pink, hearts, roses... bleah, getting too cheesy now :P ).

This is what turned out:

 I used three shades of pink for the roses and the gradient (Farmasi, Avon and Rimmel) and I made a mix'n'match manicure adding up some hearts from an O.P.I. nail polish and a glitter from Golden Rose.
 I received this pretty, dark pink, nail polish from Iulia, one of my closest friends and I instantly fell in love with the color and the Lycra effect. It's so smooth and shiny! ^_^

So this is what I came up with this week. I think it's ladylike because of the colors I've chosen and because it's delicate (unlike most of my manicures :P) and it's related to love because of the symbols. what do you think?

Also, let's see what the other bloggers did! ^_^

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J.F Productions said...

<3 awesome!

Manases Andrea said...

Foarte frumoasa si feminina!

Oana Alexandru said...

O manichiura romantica <3

Miha Ella said...

Foarte frumoase ți-au ieșit!

Madalina I. said...

Foarte feminine ♡.

Teodora Stoian said...

tare dragute!

Andreea M. said...

Looove Looove!
Superba manichiura! :*

Manases Andrea said...

Superba, atat culorile cat si florile!

Rita said...

Este superba manichiura ta ;)

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