Jul 5, 2014

Alphabet nail art challenge - Letter J for... Jigsaw! :D

This week I've been playing around with themes and colors, trying to find something right for the theme. I thought about "Jade" (too monochrome for me), "Jasmine" (Disney, you're to blame for this!) or "Justice" (too much law school already) and, being puzzled, I settled for "Jigsaw" (pun intended :P ).

I used this tutorial (I couldn't find the source, I will update the post if I find it)
And here are my nails! :D

Here you can see how creative the other bloggers were! :D

Mădălina - http://misshappyandhernails.blogspot.ro
Andra Kat - www.andrakat.wordpress.com
Andrea - http://andicolouryourlife.blogspot.ro
Ella - http://beauty-corner-for-women.blogspot.ro
Oana - http://unghiutele.blogspot.ro
Ana's Beauty Blog - http://ana-s-beautyblog.blogspot.ro
Rita - http://addictedofbutterflies.wordpress.com
Madalina - http://frumusetelapretmic.blogspot.ro
Alina - www.venuschic.com
Deyutza - http://deyutza87.blogspot.ro
Teo - http://taitzel-make-up.blogspot.ro
Oana - http://wanna-nails.blogspot.com

7 shared dreams:

Oana Alexandru said...

Foarte frumoase,o sa incerc si eu modelul asta <3 pupici

Teodora Stoian said...

love them <3

Deyutza' Blog said...

imi place acest model ,am zis de mult ca trebuie sa incerc si eu

Rita said...

Sunt superbe si frumos colorate ;)

Manases Andrea said...

Foarte reusita manichiura ta si tema imi place la nebunie!

Alina Andreea said...

Foarte frumoase! <3
Eu sigur daca incerc nu reusesc sa-mi iasa asa frumoase.

Mada said...

Faorte frumos au iesit , am incercat si eu modelul dar nu a fost foarte reusit, poate o sa-i mai dau o sanasa

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