Dec 30, 2014

Shiny textured holiday nails

Hello everyone!

Today's manicure is inspired by the movie "Frozen" and includes a short review of one of the new Avon nail polish collections, called "Stardust". The shade I have is called "Teal Glitter" and, in my opinion, resembles Elsa's dress's color. :D 

Anyway, I used this nail polish in a combination with one of my new favorites - Astor VIP Silver - and created a design on one of the nails, using nail art tape. 

Now, about the Avon nail polish:

☆ It's pretty opaque in one layer but if you want it really textured you have to apply three layers.
☆ Normally it isn't recommended to apply top coat over textured nail polishes, but this one loses most of its shine in 3-4 days unless you use a top coat. However, it still remains textured even if you apply the top coat.
☆ I've worn it for 4 days and it hasn't chipped at all! <3
☆ It dries up fast and evens out really nicely on the nails.
☆ The price/quality ratio is really good.
☆ The brush is perfect to paint the nail in 3 steps.

I found this nail polish easy to paint with and I love how it looks on my nails. It makes my skin look a little more pale than it usually is so that's a plus for me, as well. 

The color combo I used is one of my favorites. Since the teal nail polish has glitter particles that go from blue to green and from silver to copper, I thought that silver would work perfectly with it. In my opinion, I wasn't wrong. :D

I've had problems using nail art tape in the past but I'm starting to get the hang of it. I still need to learn how to position it better (centered) on the nail but all in all I like the mini pattern I've created. 

In the end, I would like to show you what I got from my Secret Santa, Rosemerta, from the Polish Addicts group, this year. :D

She was super sweet and send me loads of things that I love - from scented candles, bath salts and an amazing shower gel to adorable rings and yummy candy. Thank you so much, Secret Santa! ^_^

Have a great week!

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Teodora Dobre said...

foarte dragute! <3

Andreea M. said...


Le iubesc <3

J.F Productions said...

They look awesome as always! :* <3

Sophiesticat said...

Thank you! :D

J.F <3

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