Feb 14, 2015

Happy Valentine's Day 2015 Part I

Good morning, everyone!
Happy Valentine's Day! ^_^

Today I am going to show you two manicures that I wore this week, both having the same theme - Valentine's Day. I was hoping that I could post one of them sooner but... stuff got in the way. 

Anyway, here is the first V-Day manicure:

I used one of my Hello Kitty rip-off nail polishes which looks really red and beautiful in the bottle but has a weird orange shade on my nails and my favorite Golden Rose glitter that reminds me of poppy seeds.

Looking at my nails right now, the nail polish looks a little closer to red than orange in natural light, but my nails are not presentable right now. I will try to make a swatch for this nail polish next month and show you the difference. ^_^

The little kawaii girls are water decals that I received after winning a nail art contest in October and I thought they would fit the theme perfectly. ^_^ 

I've used water decals before but I had problems when taking them off the piece of cardboard they are stuck on. These slided easily and I didn't have problems sticking them on my nails.

I hope you like my nails and check out my blog a little later for part two of my "Valentine's Day manicures 2015" post. ^_^

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Kinga Curelea said...

E simpatica foc manichiura ta :)

J.F Productions said...

They look amazing my love! keep up the epic work!!! :D <3

Sophiesticat said...

Thank you! ^_^

Oana Alexandru said...

Foarte dragute <3

Miha Ella said...

Ce simpatică e! :D

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