Feb 7, 2015

Nail Team Challenege - Cartoons - Clash of clans

Another week, another post! Yay! :D

This week's theme is "Cartoons" and it was Teo's idea. I chose a different approach for it and drew cartoon characters from a game that I play, Supercell's "Clash of Clans", instead of real cartoons/animation films, which I have presented on the blog here, a while ago.

Before I show you my nails, I wanna tell you why I chose some characters from the game, instead of one of my favorite Disney movies (yes, I'm one of those people) or from one of the many cartoons I used to watch as a child. The reason is that this little game, which I started playing because a friend needed clan members and I was bored and decided to help him, gave me the opportunity to meet a lot of funny people and I even played it with my boyfriend. I spent loads of hours ( I know, I know...) playing this game and making strategies for wars and attacks, and even though I don't play it as much anymore, I still talk to the people I met during almost a year of game-play, so it kinda means a lot to me.

Anyway, back to the nail-related stuff. Here is what I did for today:
And here is a picture with the characters from the game:

On my nails I chose to represent four of the characters: Barbarian, Archer, Valkyrie and Giant.

I painted the nails using Moyra Pastel Shades no. 605 and dabbed some white acrylic paint over them because the color was too dark ( I ran out of light blue nail polish), then, I made a "french" line using Rimmel London 60 Seconds no. 816 Green Eyed Monster. 
I painted the clouds using white acrylic paint and I started painting the characters using the "home made decals" technique. In the end I stuck the characters onto my nails, sealed everything with a top coat and added the velvet powder over the so-called french part of the manicure.

In the picture above you can see my favorite troop - the Archer, and below the (almost) indestructible and really funny giant.

In the picture below I painted the brave, but kinda dumb barbarian and the fierce Valkyrie ( she's my favorite because she's a sexy fighter with a huge axe).

If you have time and want to watch something funny, I recommend you see the short and funny videos made by Supercell ( the creators of the game).
This is my favorite:

I'm really curious what the other girls have painted on their nails. 
Shall we go & take a look?

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Anonymous said...

foarte dragute si inspirate!

Madalina I. said...

Excelenta sursa de inspiratie si foarte reusite unghiute <3

Oana Alexandru said...

Foarte dragute <3

Iovan Iulia said...

Ce interesante sunt!Reusita manichiura :*

Kinga Curelea said...

Ce frumos ti-a iesit! Si povestea e la fel de frumoasa :)

Teodora Dobre said...

Heheh ce fain au iesit, nice nice!!

Andreea M. said...

Ce dragute sunt! :)

Sophiesticat said...

Multumesc, fetelor!!!! :D

J.F Productions said...

this looks so amazing :$ I love you! :*

Ela's Dreams said...

Interesanta alegerea ta, simpatica manichiura :)

Deyutza said...

nu cunosc personajele insa tie ti-a iesit super manichiura

Manases Andrea said...

Am admirat-o in weekend pe FB si neaparat vroiam sa o vad mai in detaliu pe blog. Super originala, ca intodeauna. Imi place mult rezultatul final!

Hamida H said...

Dear Sophie,
Cor! What a clash of swatches? For sure Moyra pastel Shades no.605 is going to join our club (‘Clash of Clans’). Talking about the superheroes Valkyrie, Barbarian, Giant and Archer, we can’t help falling further (‘Letter Z for ‘zircon’)!
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This is an exclusive space for your penmanship, where you can publish your connoisseur’s quest in the form of luring fashion blogs.

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It’s all yours and you’re going to own an exclusive fashion blog with Sulekha to share your fashion posts along with their back links.

We would promote it across our wall and social media.

Featuring your little creations on our home page would be a perk for our eager Indians, who are waiting for trends and style ranging from ‘grand’ to ‘on the go’.

On the other hand, it’ll be our pleasure to feature your panache of styles on our home page.

Sharing your passion for eye catchers might rejuvenate the senses of millions of Indians living abroad.

Dress to kill!

Thanks & regards
Hamida, Content Manager, Sulekha US

Iulia B. said...

Love your nails! :*

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