Aug 8, 2015

Nail Art Marathon 2015 - 11. Sea Shells

Hey everyone!

Sorry for the late post! I've recently moved out (last Saturday) and I'm attempting to become a grown-up *giggles* so I didn't have time to make this post or to do my nails... I don't have a stable internet connection so my posts may be delayed. Again, I'm sorry!

Last week's theme was Iulia's idea and, as you can see from the title, it's related to sea shells. I love sea shells and I had a cool idea on my mind, but packing and unpacking did not give me much free time to get creative. This is what I came up with:

Natural light
My nails are still super short and I'm trying very hard to grow them, but, unfortunately all the cleaning in my new home has damaged them a bit, as well.

Natural light

For this week's theme I used a textured nail polish from Avon - Mineral Crush Pearl over which I dabbed some golden nail polish using a sponge (Avon Golden Vision). At the tip of the nail I used O.P.I. Get your number to make small waves. I missed my textured nail polishes, as you can see. :P

Since the theme was "sea shells", I dug into my collection (three boxes of sea shells gathered from different beaches I have visited) and found three tiny ones that looked really pretty on my nails. I stuck them to the nails using clear nail polish, but I removed them after the "photo shoot" and put them back in their boxes.

Natural light

In the end I'll leave you with a picture I took for fun. Sea shell nails, for real! :)))

Please check out what the other girls did with their lovely nails!

Here is a picture with a small part of my collection:

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Oana Alexandru said...

heheee super unghiute,si cele for fun la fel,pup

Vanyna said...

Foarte tari unghiutele tale,imi plac mult <3 ,iar ultimele sunt taaare dragalase <3 :) .
Pupici :*

Iovan Iulia said...

Ce scoicute dragute ai ales!
O mani foarte reusita ai facut!
Am vazut si eu acea poza,foarte funny :))

Manases Andrea said...

Ce misto, esti super amuzanta!
Imi place manichiura ta, este de sezon si toata ideea este extrem de originala!

J.F Productions said...

These nails look awesome the beach, waves and shells compliment each other perfectly! And then!! The texture tops it off :D great work honey keep it up!!<3

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