Jul 23, 2016

July's Nails Challenge - Favorite Pattern

Hello, nail art lovers!

Are you ready for some abstract nail art? Since last week's manicure turned out the way it did, I decided to try some freehand nail art for this theme, to make up for that disaster. The theme helped a lot since I like challenges, and painting a pattern that won't look exactly the same way on each nail but also stay true to the initial idea was an actual challenge.

Here's what I came up with:
I warned you it's gonna be abstract! ^_^

The idea came to me after I googled some simple patterns and decided upon this geometric pattern:

As you can see, there is a pretty big difference between what I have on my nails and this print, but I also had some Picasso paintings in mind when I did my nails and choosing the colors.

The whole manicure is pretty simple to do. I used gold and white nail polishes to create the base - a gradient - and then, with different shades of blue, pink, some gray and some black, I proceeded to copy the lines and squares pattern from the inspiration picture.

I didn't take pictures of the nail polishes this time, because the white is a no-name nail polish and the gold was Avon's Golden Vision, mixed with Oriflame The One's golden nail polish.

The music I was listening to when I did my nails had a huge impact on how the pattern ended up looking on my nails, so I'm going to leave the video here, in case you're curious (skip to 00:35, cause that's where the song starts):

In the end, I'd like to thank you for viewing my blog and kindly ask you to check out what the other girls from the collaboration have on their nails this week:

Andra Kat - http://andrakat.com

Have an awesome weekend and.. read you next time!

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Oana Alexandru said...

Foarte frumos ai interpretat tema <3

corina andreea said...

Sunt tare dragute unghiile <3 Modelul ti-a iesit super bine si ideea a fost geniala :)

Alina pink said...

Ce frumos arata :). 😍

Gabriela Bratu said...

uauuuu!!! zici tu ca e diferenta mare intre unghiute si model? nu eeee!!! ti-a iesit deosebit

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