Jul 17, 2016

July's Nail Challenge - V Shape

Hello, nail art lovers!

Are you ready to see my fail manicure? ( not my regular introduction, eh?)
For this week's theme I tried to recreate one of Simply Nailogical's manicures, the Neon Chevron Scaled Gradient Skittle one, to be more precise, and ended up with 4 big fails out of which I will show you the least horrible one.

I thought about trying a simpler manicure, but decided to post the fail instead, so that you can see how bad things can go sometimes.

Since pretty much everything in these pics contribute to the failure: the color combo, hand pose and lighting, I want to make a list of "do not" things that you can avoid when trying to recreate Cristine's manicure. Here it goes:

1. As Cristine said, you need to use nail polishes that have a similar texture, to obtain a good gradient. Do not mix textures, unless you're a pro or, for some reason they mix well together! I used a creme and a very diluted nail polish that blended in too much.

2. Do not press the sponge to hard onto your nail - you can see the difference between my pointer na middle finger.

3. Always use good chevron guides and make sure there are no lose edges. My V tips did not come out well because I reused the same chevron guide (I was too lazy to cut more tape and reused the same one without properly adapting it to the nail shape.

4. Angle the V's in line with the tip of your nails so that they don't look as horrible as mine came out. Symmetry was not my strong point that night, either.

5. When taking pics, angle the camera in a way that doesn't make your nails look like you've just soaked them into water, a.k.a. mini shovels, like mine do. Also, lighting is super important. I took the pics in natural light... on a rainy day. -_-

Anyway, if you're curios of what I used, here they are:

- Avon Pastel Pink
- Extreme Long Lasting Nail Polish 25

Follow these links to see some pretty nails, after you had a good laugh looking at mine:

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Oana said...

Imi place gradient-ul nu e fail deloc <3

Manases Andrea said...

Foarte interesant efectul gradientului!

Claudia's Choice said...

mie imi place inverted gradient! Nu e deloc fail. Pana acum n-am incercat, dar urmeaza!

Maria said...

ti-a iesit chiar bine <3 am incercat sa le fac si eu odata dar nu mi-au iesit :(

Unknown said...

E foarte interesanta ideea, nu am mai vazut nicaieri ceva asemanator. Si ti-a iesit foarte bine ;)

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