Aug 14, 2016

August's Nail Challenge - Gradient/Ombre

Hello, nail art lovers!

Another week, another post in the lovely challenge we have ongoing! This time we had to choose between a gradient and an Ombre. The main difference between these two is that the gradient is a succession of colors on one nail, going from dark to light, or the other way around and the Ombre consists of applying different nail polishes from the same color specter onto each nail, going one tone lighter or darker as you move onto the other nail.

I chose to go with a gradient, because I love this technique - not obvious enough so far, eh?

My nails are painted using the sponging technique and I used a nude and two shades of pink for this gradient. Inspired by some beauty bloggers that I follow on YouTube, I added a glitter top coat.

Unfortunately, I managed to break one of my nails in my sleep (yes, I had no clue it was possible either, but apparently I managed to hit the wall in my sleep and woke up because of the pain). 
The pinkie's nail was broken before so I built it with gel. I had to file it down to match the others now and I'll have painted nub nubs for a while. ^_^
Anyway here is how my injured nail looks:

The nail polishes I used are:

- Rimmel London 262
- Oriflame The One Fuchsia
- Justy Cosmetics
- Lovely Nude 1

I hope you liked my gradient and if you's like to see more; please visit the girls' blogs:

4 shared dreams:

Oana Alexandru said...

Foarte frumoase, dar imi pare rau ca ti-ai rupt unghiuta :(, te pup

Gabriela Bratu said...

unghiuta!!! :( stiu cum e! modelul e superb! nu-s fan roz de obicei, dar arata chiar bine!

Deyutza said...

Of unghiutele astea... stiu cum e ..sufar si eu cand patesc una ca asta..
Modelul tau arata tare bine...imi place combinatia de rozuri

corina andreea said...

Ce dulci sunt <3

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