Aug 6, 2016

August's Nail Challenge - Monochrome

Hello, nail art lovers!

This week we're taking you down memory lane, back to the times when all pictures were black and white. That being said, you'll be able to see multiple b&w nails and enjoy the beauty of simplicity. Don't worry, it's just a challenge we're taking up, next week you'll see an explosion of colors, again.

As you can see, my manicure is pretty simple. I used a black nail polish on two nails and a white one on the other two. Afterwards, I used acrylic paint to create the designs.

For the index finger I used striping tape to create two white stripes and I added tiny details with my 00 Kolinsky nail art brush. On my middle finger, I painted roses, using thin lines done with the same brush. 

On my pinkie's nail I used a Revlon nail polish, no. 732 Rebel Grafitti. It's a combo of tiny pieces of white and black glitter, mixed with bigger black hexagons and stripes.
I finished the manicure with a matte top coat. I love the look, but as I've told you before, if the nail polish underneath is not well dried up, the matte top coat makes it clump a bit. You can see that on my index finger nail.

Well, I hope you enjoyed my post and you like my manicure. For more monochrome manicures, please visit the following blogs:

Andra Kat -

Have a great weekend aaaand, read you next time!

6 shared dreams:

Oana Alexandru said...

Wwwooowww superb mix&match ai facut <3

corina andreea said...

foarte dragute si elegante unghiile <3

andra kat said...

ce elegante <3
imi place mult unghia cu trandafiri!

Claudia`s Choice said...

Foarte frumoasa manichiura ta! Si eu ma gandeam sa aplic top coat matifiant, dar am uitat :D

Deyutza said...

Foarte draguta interpretarea ta, imi plac trandafirasii

Gabriela Bratu said...

trandafirii sunt superbi!

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