Mar 4, 2017

Saturday's Theme - Spring is here!

Hello, nail art lovers!

Spring is here, a bit too soon in my opinion. I was starting to enjoy the semi-cold weather and I had just received a very cute new scarf. Oh well...

Since I was super busy this week, but I promised I would not be late with my posts, again, I had to make a quick manicure last night so I went with a green gradient. I've used green so much lately, no wonder it's the color of the year!

As I previously mentioned, I did a simple turquoise-green-light green gradient, over a shimmery white base, however the colors did not blend in very well and I had to go back with the sponge quite a few times, making the nail polish a bit cakey and hard to dry off.

I was in a hurry this morning so, before taking pics, I stamped two cute floral patterns from the MoYou London Enchanted plate no. 13.

The nail polishes I used are:
Essence - Soft Metals - 49 Turn the lights on!
Miyo Mini Drops - Papaya
Avon Color Trend - Refreshing Pear
Auchan nail polish - 33

I hope you liked my manicure and it gives you a refreshed mood!
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Andra Kat -

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Oana Alexandru said...

Frumusele si primavaratice <3

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