Apr 7, 2018

Creative Nails Collab - Easter

Happy Easter!

As you can imagine, today's theme is related to this weekend's celebration, Easter.
This year I opted for a different manicure, one that isn't as childish as the ones I've done in the previous year.

My idea was to do a classic flowery design I've seen on Easter eggs before and some cracked eggshells to show the less discussed aspect of Easter eggs - all the egg-peeling involved in the activity. ^_^

My inspiration came from these two nail polishes (which I also used to create this manicure):

Essence - 33 Wild White Ways
Rimmel London - 860 Bestival Blue

You can see more Easter-themed manicures by following these links:

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Oana Alexandru said...

Foarte frumos model, te pup, Sărbători fericite!

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