Jun 10, 2018

Creative Nails Collab - Inspired by an emotion

Hello nail art lovers,

Long time, no read ^_^ This week's theme is "inspired by an emotion" and I, usually being driven by feelings rather than by thoughts have had a hard time picking just one emotion to represent on my nails.

I picked the one emotion that has the biggest impact on me (I might be influenced by my diet as well, haha) - hunger. When I feel hungry I picture food.. lovely, yummy food, floating around in a cotton-candy galaxy, happy, free... and not on my plate (sadly).

Here is my depiction of hunger, a funny, colorful one, that is:

As you can see, I have treated this feeling lightly, in a fun way, because this has nothing to do with real hunger/starvation. Think of it more like the feeling you get when you have cravings. :D

I started on a white canvas and built up a pastel gradient that somewhat resembles cotton candy. When it dried up I painted two food items - a hamburger and a hot dog with wings, floating around in the lovely pastel cotton candy universe.

I planned on using some glitter too, but I liked the result so much that I felt it would be unnecessary to add more details. 

What do you think about when you're hungry? How do you imagine your food getting to you, by fling while angelic music plays in the background or brought to you by a waiter in a fancy restaurant on a gold platter?

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