May 23, 2015

Nail Art Marathon 2015 - 1. Favorite Nail Polish


This week is a special week because we decided, together with the girls from the Polish Addicts group, to start a new collaboration, entitled "Nail Art Marathon 2015". :D
Why is it called this way? Well, without wanting to spoil it for you, I'm going to tell you that it will last till the end of the year. Yes, that's right, the last post will be on the last Saturday of December 2015. ^_^

Each of us (17 bloggers) came up with two ideas - one for a theme and one for technique - which will be posted separately in two consecutive weeks. Here is a banner with all the themes, in case you are curious:

This week we have one of Andra Kat's ideas, namely "Favorite Nail Polish". It was really hard for me to choose only one, so selected two polishes from two brands that I fancy - China Glaze  and O.P.I. and two types of nail polish - regular (shimmery) and textured. Of course, the colors are two of my favorites, as well. ^_^

Since I can never leave my manicure simple, I made a design using the two nail polishes and some black caviar beads. I thought they would add a little more texture to the manicure.

The nail polishes I used are China Glaze - Bump in the night ( my newest not-so-secret passion) and O.P.I. - Bright lights, Big color. 

The O.P.I. nail polish reminds me of strawberries - I honestly have no idea why, since it's more orange than red - so the caviar beads look like strawberry seeds to me. Yeah, the stress from the exams has gotten to my brain. :)))

I know I could have done better, but this week my imagination wasn't at its best. Anyway, at least I managed to get some cute pictures (unlike the boring ones I used to take lately). ^_^

Please check out what are the other bloggers' favorite nail polishes:

Alina Vrinceanu -

Have a great weekend! ^_^

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J.F Productions said...

these are super cute honey
1 i love them nearly as much as youu! :D

J.F Productions said...

these are super cute honey
I love them nearly as much as youu! :D

Andreea M. said...

E foarte draguta manichiura si ojele imi plac mult.

And you've done enough - eu am facut un swatch simplu :*

Oana Alexandru said...

Foarte frumoasa manichiura si ojele imi plac tare,pupicei <3

Iulia B. said...

îi bine că m-ai făcut poftă de buline? acum doar buline o să visez la noapte până mâine când îmi fac și eu! :)) superbe ojele tale preferate! pupici!

Deyutza said...

ce model ce faine sunt cele 2 oje ...

Kinga Curelea said...

Cat de dragut arata modelul! Culorile astea 2 se potrivesc perfect!

Kinga Curelea said...

Cat de dragut arata modelul! Culorile astea 2 se potrivesc perfect!

Roxy Ch said...

Imi plac ojele alese! Draguta combinatie :)

Anonymous said...

texturata neagra de la CG e una si dintre preferatele mele <3 insa la mine se ciobeste dupa cateva ore si o evit ;(

Mada said...

Ioi ce manichiura faina ai facut :*

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