Jun 7, 2015

Nail Art Marathon 2015 - 3. Neon Nails


It's Saturday Sunday and I'm going to show you this week's challenge, chosen by Vanyna - neon nails!

When I first saw the list of themes I thought "OMG! I need to start buying more polishes!" since I only remembered having two neon nail polishes. To my surprise, when I checked my collection, I noticed a lot of polishes I had forgotten all about (shame on me, neglecting my "babies" in such a way!). Finding so many neon colors gave me a new idea than what I had initially planned to do on my nails. Here is the result:

When I had the time to take the pictures, the weather was rather gloomy so the bright colors aren't showing as they should. :(

I went for a simple design, using *a lot* of nail polishes and no acrylic paint this time. :D
The polishes I used are: Farmasi (white base), Moyra no. 64 (pink) and 65 (yellow), Flormar Nail Art 03 (orange), 07 (green), 08 (blue) and Yes Love no. 021.

Even though I've had the Flormar Nail Art polishes for more than a year, this is the first time I've used them on my nails. I like that the colors are as bright as they look in the bottle, but you need at least 3 layers for the design to be opaque.

When Laula saw the pictures of my nails, her first reaction was "that must have taken a while to paint". :))) Well, it's true, it did take a lot, especially because I wanted to create a different mix of colors on each nail and I had to be careful not to get to triangles of the same color next to each-other.

I was talking to my boyfriend most of the time while painting the triangles, so time flew pretty fast, but I think I kinda owe him an apology for being absent during the conversation. :P

I hope you like my nails and please check what bright neon colors the other bloggers used:

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J.F Productions said...

No apologies needed :D You did a awesome job on these ones! too a rookie (like myself :P) they look super complex. I know for sure I could not do the triangles :D But the colours show up beautifully! keep up the work honey! so proud of you! :* <3

Oana Alexandru said...

Foarte frumoasa interpretarea ta <3

Teodora Dobre said...

Dragalase foc! Ai amplasat foarte frumos triunghiurile neon <3 Te pup

Vanyna said...

Foarte fain ti-au iesit unghiutele,ai avut nevoie de multa rabdare pentru triunghiuri :).
Multumesc mult pentru ca ai participat la tema propusa de mine.
Pupici :*

Andreea M. said...

Dragute foc!

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