Jan 6, 2018

Creative Nails Collab - Ice Shards

Hello nail art lovers and Happy New Year! ^_^

I hope this will be, for all of us, the best year ever!

To start off the new year in manicures, we, the polish addicts joined forces for a new challenge, called the Creative Nails Collab. The themes will be creative and hopefully, less repetitive than the themes from the previous year. Here's a sneak peak to what we have to show this month:

For the first theme, Ice shards, I was inspired by my new favorite TV series, "Once Upon a Time", season 4, which is mostly about the main character from Frozen (the Disney movie), Elsa. I took her dress as inspiration and here is the result:

I started by painting my nails a light, shimmery, gray color and doing a blue-gray gradient. The blue I chose had little silver particles in it so the gradient turned out very light and shimmery. I added two toppers afterwards, one that resembles ice shards and a silver glittery one.

Afterwards, I painted the icicles using the same blue as the one used for the gradient and added flakes on top for texture and ice effect. All in all, I'm very proud of how my manicure turned out.

The nail polishes I used are:

Avon - Magic Effects - Diamond Shatter
Essence - Soft Metals - 49 Turn the lights on!
Essence 43 Girls's Best Friend
Oranjollie - Glitter 13 Aqua

For more icicles and ice shards, please click the following links:

Andra Kat - http://andrakat.com

4 shared dreams:

Oana Alexandru said...

Foarte frumos modelul tau :)

Manases Andrea said...

Imi place mult manichiura si combinatia de oje. La multi ani!

Ela's Dreams said...

O manichiura deosebita ,imi place enorm efectul, pupici

Unknown said...

Awesome blog!! Good Advise to beauty lovers !! I love the bright glitter design! These nails would look fabulous on the Bride or a guest!
American Nails Oxford

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