Jun 18, 2017

Saturday's Theme - Unicorn

Hello, nail art lovers!

I was reeeeally looking forward to this week's theme, as I knew my manicure would turn out super pretty! :D And I am, indeed, very proud of the result!

This is the first time I painted a unicorn on my nails, as well as the first time I used nail foil from Born Pretty Store (#18, you can find it here) and I absolutely loved the result!

I started off by painting my nails white and, while the nail polish dried, I cut little pieces of nail foil, about 2 cm long and 2 cm wide. When my nails were dry I applied some nail foil glue (I believe it works with top coat, as well, but I believe my top coat isn't good for this since it's not very sticky, or I didn't know how to use it correctly).
When the nail glue dried - still needs to be sticky, kinda like scotch tape - I pressed the bits of nail foil onto my nail, in order to transfer the pattern and voila:


I the used a shimmery top coat to seal the foil onto the nail and a regular top coat on top, to make sure it covered all the glue. If the glue is not sealed in properly, the nails will still be sticky and the foil will be washed off.

The products I used are:

Essence - 33 Wild White Ways
Essence - turn it sunny
Born Pretty Store - Nail Art Foil #18

I think you can see the shimmer better over a black background:

If you're in the mood for more unicorns, please click these links:

Have an awesome weekend!

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Gabriela Bratu said...

wow, wow, wow! cat de frumos!!! <3 <3 <3

Oana Alexandru said...

Woowwww una din cele mai inspirate manichiuri de la aceasta tema <3

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